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Teen Aman

Why Online Courses are the next best thing in 2020.



Are you a recent graduate/student feeling lost about your future, unsure of which direction to turn, or just simply wanting to acquire a new skill? Join the queue.


It’s no surprise that being confined to our homes during the pandemic has encouraged a new way of learning and as a result, online course platforms have grown significantly in 2020. Platforms such as Udemy has seen a 425% increase since mid-March and has since shown online courses to be in demand more than ever. Here is why Online courses are the next best thing for you in 2020.


1. Economic Crisis
As we stumble into a new recession, job losses are on the rise as well as the number of people applying to them- combine former graduates into the mix and competition becomes fierce. That’s why it’s more crucial than ever to have an outstanding CV, and having an online course qualification can do just that.

2. Shows Initiative
Throwing yourself into an online course is attractive to employers, it shows that you’ve taken the initiative to commit to extracurricular activities outside of your current study, demonstrating genuine interest. Most students might be balancing online courses while working full/part-time while others might focus solely on the course itself, but regardless, it portrays a hard-working individual prepared to go the extra mile.

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3.More Skills
It’s an easy stepping stone towards achieving that dream career you strive to apply for but require bridging your skillset first, allowing new skills to develop as well as expanding existing skills. Regardless of whether you’re boosting your CV or doing it to relieve boredom, you can never have too much knowledge. You never know when it might come in handy, so keep calm and carry on learning.


4. Understanding yourself
It’s never a waste of time to study. You might have already done an online course- some of which you enjoyed, others not so much, but online courses are always a valuable learning experience, both professionally and personally.  As a recent graduate myself, I have been subjected to doing online courses that I thought would encourage my direction, only to discover it wasn’t for me and instead discovering what I was passionate about. Especially after losing most of 2020 to a pandemic, now’s the time to discover yourself more than ever.


So next time your family or teacher pesters you to do an online course, don’t take it for granted, embrace it.

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