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Teen Aman

Challenges of Virtual School

Some challenges that come with online school and how to overcome them!





Since the school year is beginning for many students, the challenges of online learning are becoming more prevalent. With the current pandemic, many students and teachers have been forced to meet for classes online and see each other through a screen every day. Students who are used to seeing their friends and teachers in-person are beginning to adjust to their new reality, where they attend classes from the comforts of their own homes. While a virtual classroom will take time to get used to, there are many ways to overcome these obstacles and make the most of your online schooling! 

The first obstacle that comes with online classes is the lack of social interaction a student is getting. While many are used to chatting with friends in between classes and eating lunch with others, a virtual classroom can be quite isolating. It can get lonely spending the whole day in your room and family members tend to be busy during the day, as well. Fortunately, with the help of technology and social media, students can easily stay connected to their friends. Whether it is through FaceTime or texting, students can still keep in touch with others and get the social interaction they desire. While it definitely does not compare to seeing friends in person, even scheduling one call during the day can help break up the monotony of the day. If you haven’t spoken to a friend in a while, don’t be afraid to reach out! Online learning becomes so much easier if students know they can depend on each other!


Another challenge many students will encounter through their virtual classes is fatigue from staring at the screen for multiple hours at a time. Since classes can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, many students find that they have trouble focusing for long periods of time. Especially since they have to sit alone in their room, many students experience a lack of motivation as the class goes on. While it might be tempting to turn off your camera and take a quick nap, there are some other ways you can stay alert during a class. Stretch breaks and quick exercises are a great way to get a few moments out of your seat. Whenever you have a free moment in class, feel free to stand up and give your eyes a break from the strain of the screen. Make sure that you have snacks and water nearby to ensure that you can stay concentrated on the lesson your teacher is teaching. Try to keep your phone in another room to ensure that you won’t be tempted to scroll through Instagram during a lecture!

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Finally, an additional struggle that many students face is time management. Since you are not physically going to class every day, it might be difficult to remember when assignments are due. During online classes, the days seem to bleed together, and it seems like you are logging onto class after class without thought. However, there are many ways to keep on top of your work and stay organized during online classes. Try using apps such as Google Calendar and Meister Task, which help you create To-Do lists and write deadlines down on a calendar. Write yourself a To-Do list before you begin your homework every day and cross each task off once you finish it. This can increase motivation because it can be so satisfying to cross off accomplishments at the end of the day!

Even though there are many obstacles that come with virtual classes, we should take time to appreciate the positives. We are still able to learn and interact with our classmates, despite the current pandemic. Although this is not the year we were all expecting, we should try to make the most of the time we do have in school. Good luck this year and don’t give up!

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