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Nicki Minaj: Changing the Future Through Fashion




On December 8th, rapper and singer-songwriter Nicki Minaj celebrated her birthday, receiving an outpour of birthday wishes from friends, family, and fans. The beloved artist has made a significant impact on not only the music industry but also the world of fashion. From her iconic hand-stitched metal dress from Amato Couture paired with a ShojonoTomo surgical mask to the head-to-toe leopard Givenchy ensemble paired with a wild wig, Minaj never hesitates to make a statement whenever she makes an appearance at events. 

Aside from stunning her audience with elaborate and creative looks, Minaj is also helping to influence young girls that they should freely express themselves through their appearances. Oftentimes, beauty and fashion trends can force people to wear clothes only because they adhere to a specific trend. However, Minaj’s desire to wear unique looks is teaching others that they can step outside of the box with fashion. 


Going even further than her style, Minaj has also been able to use her platform to clap back at sexism, racism, and a variety of other double standards in the industry. She fully embodies female confidence as she stands up for her beliefs. When she was asked about how men and women are treated differently in the music industry, Minaj commented, “You never know how much is too much – too much emotion, too much vulnerability, too much power. Everyone wants me to be something different. Women in the industry are judged more.” Minaj demonstrates how confident she is in her music and her abilities. She is not afraid to make a statement with her clothing or her public statements. 

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Minaj also ensures that she empowers her fans and helps them value themselves. Even though she has faced backlash and criticism, Minaj continues to lift others up and make them feel worthy of love. When responding to how powerful women should be appreciated more, Minaj mentioned, “People view sexy as weak. If you’re overtly sexy, people don’t expect you to be smart. Sometimes women are dressing sexy for themselves — not necessarily because they want to have sex with some man. Sometimes that’s what makes them feel good and empowered.”

Through her outfits and speaking out against injustice, Minaj has proved once again that the most respected celebrities influence their followers through empowerment. Minaj has helped inspire so many people and continues to be an amazing role model.

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