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Teen Aman

Teen Suspended From School for Tweeting Viral Photo of Students, not Social Distancing





The viral Twitter photo of crowded halls at school with students mostly not wearing masks. This public school student has been punished for exercising the first amendment. Freedom of speech, one of my favorite amendments. Which is also extended to students.

The school is located in the suburbs of the state of Atlanta, North Paulding High. The schoolʻs principal said that theyʻre very sorry for any negative attention that this created for the student. They also confirmed that there will be no disciplinary action on her record. The superintendent and principal did not respond to any requests for comment. There is said to be tons of negative attention towards this student with other people calling her a “snitch”, a “tattle tale”, and saying other mean things.

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This tweet also raised tons of concern along with parents, mostly concerning how the district is handling COVID-19. This created problems for the school, so they sent a letter. The stated that the images “didnʻt look good”, and they emphasized how masks were a “personal choice”. Hannah told BuzzFeed News “Not only did they open, but they have not been safe.” This is the student who never broke the code of conduct rules. Her family and she believe that the punishment was harsh so they fought against the 5-day suspension.

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