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Teen Aman

Halloween Isn’t Cancelled: Staying Safe and Having Fun.




Who would have imagined that the scariest thing we’re facing this Halloween is a pandemic? But have no fear, Halloween is far from cancelled and you can still enjoy the holiday traditions while staying safe. Here’s how.

1) Whether your socially distanced trick or Treating or attending a scare maze, bringing a bottle of hand sanitizer is an easy, convenient way to stay safe while your out. When you get back home, remember to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.




2)  Unfortunately, wearing a face mask is an essential part of your costume this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Make the mask part of your costume-decorate it, paint it and remember- every superhero that saves the world wears a mask.


3) This Halloween eve, you’re more likely than ever to come across strangers if you’re out and about, so make sure to distance yourself at least 6ft when possible. The same goes for candy, leave a bowl on your doorstep along with a hand sanitizer bottle to reduce further contact.

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Don’t let Covid scare you away; here are some covid friendly Halloween ideas. 

  • Virtual Trick or Treating: If you can’t see your friends this year, you can now. Get dressed up and enjoy a slumber party online with all the candy you can get. The best part is that you don’t have to share it.
  • Family Movie Night: It’s not the worse thing in the world to have an indoor horror night with your family, especially if that means seeing your mum jump at the creak of a door. 
  • Drive-in Scare Maze: Enjoy the thrill of live scare actors from the safety of your car. Just remember, to lock your doors.


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