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Teen Aman

Celebrating Thanksgiving: 2020 Edition




In the midst of the pandemic, it can be more difficult to look forward to the holidays that make the fall season worth looking forward to. While we must take more precautions this year, it is still possible for us to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. Even though this year is anything but normal, we can still maintain some of the same traditions we have always enjoyed. Here are just a few ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving, while staying safe and staying socially distanced.

  • Have a smaller gathering with close friends or family. 

Even though we might be used to crowded holiday dinners with relatives filling table after table, a smaller gathering could be a refreshing way to celebrate Thanksgiving. By hosting a smaller dinner party, you will not only be able to have more meaningful conversations, but minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Invite over a few close friends or just your immediate family. Thanksgiving can still be a valuable time to catch up with loved ones and reunite over a delicious meal. 

  • Try having a virtual Thanksgiving reunion!

If it is too dangerous for loved ones to visit in-person, try hosting a virtual event! Even though you all might be miles away from each other, eating a meal together on Zoom or FaceTime is a great way to bond and feel closer together. I know that Thanksgiving is one of the only times of year that families can spend time together, so we should all make an effort to reach out to our loved ones. Virtually, games such as Pictionary or Among Us can be played as a bonding activity.

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  • Celebrate outside!

Research has shown that outdoor activities are much safer than indoor gatherings because people have more space to be socially distanced. If the weather cooperates, feel free to bring your guests outside into the backyard. Picnics, barbeques, and bonfires are all amazing ways to take advantage of the fresh air, while still spending time with loved ones. When the weather gets colder, patio heaters, blankets, and bonfires can all be used to keep warm.


Even though this year’s Thanksgiving might not contain the same traditions you are used to, this is the perfect year to discover new customs that your family can adopt for years to come. Please check out the CDC’s Holiday Celebration guidelines so that you are aware of how to stay safe! As long as you are surrounded by the people you love, it doesn’t matter whether your celebration is virtual or in-person.

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