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Best Websites and Extensions for The New (Online) School Year




Wasn’t it just April!?

For many of us, school has already started. Whether you physically went back or did full distance learning, this is a new experience for everyone. Throughout this article, you will find a few websites and extensions that you can use to make your online courses a little easier.

One Tab

OneTab Help

Whenever I’m doing a research paper and have dozens of tabs open, it’s difficult to go through the pages and my computer starts slowing down. You still might need the tabs but you there’s just too much at a time. That is where One Tab comes in. You can download the extension on Chrome Web Store. Once you’ve done that, you can click the little button on the top-right corner and it will put all your tabs in one tab, hence the name. This can truly help when you don’t want to delete all your tabs and want to save it somewhere. You can also title the section of tabs and once you’re ready to open them again, you can click on “restore all”. One Tab is must if you like to keep your tabs organized.

Google Calendar


Google Calendar is one of those websites that you probably know about but haven’t paid much attention to. Before online school began, I was using google calendar to keep track of events I was going to and such. But it was only after online classes started that I realized the value of having a time tracking system in place. Google Calendar serves as an online calendar, obviously. But what you can also do is use it as a way to write down when and where (online) your classes are. You are able to have a description box to write in information like the meeting id and password as well. On the left side, you might also notice that there is Google Keep and Tasks. This is a place where you can jot down things quickly like a sticky note, as well as a to-do list. It might take a little bit to get the hang of but the platform is very simple and offers a lot for the price of nothing!

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Doodles in the Membrane

Cell Membrane Chemistry Doodle , an art print by Doodles In The ...

If you’re taking a science class like AP Chemistry or Organic Chem, I recommend checking out Doodles in the Membrane. Created by Jorge, he offers illustrations and infographics. In his bio, he’s said that he hopes to “bring life to plain grayscale images [from] textbooks and workbooks.” All you have to do is go to the website that you can find above and go to the bottom of the site where it says Educational Infographics. Once you find that, you will see a few sub-categories and where you can choose which to add to your cart for a total of $0.00. There’s also an option to donate any spare money that you have to him and his work; Every dollar counts. I suggest seeing what Doodles in the Membrane has to offer if you’re looking for detailed but brief explanations of complex topics like chemistry.

German Shepherd salute.

There’s dozens more useful resources that can be helpful during online school and even more to help you be more productive. But in caution, remember that it’s the hard work in the end that helps you achieve your goals. Keep going, you got this!

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