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The Best Halloween Looks From your Fave Beauty Gurus.




Why spend a fortune on costumes when you have a bag full of make-up and these 4 spooktacular tutorials.

 Amid COVID-19 restrictions, we can’t go out and celebrate as we usually would, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the traditions of Halloween and party in style. I have gathered the best and easiest Halloween looks from your favourite beauty gurus, and I guarantee you’ll be in for a TREAT.. or TRICK, muhaha.


  1. The Devilish Demon– Simple… and not so sweet. This look by New Zealand based beauty guru Shaaanxo, captures the contrast between glam and scary in only 10 minutes.
  2. Glam Skull- One of the prettiest but effective skeleton looks I’ve ever seen on Halloween! Australian based beauty guru Chloe Morello uses contouring and everyday-use make-up to create this glossy, special effect skull look.blank3. The Upside-Down eye- Nikkie De Jager, Dutch make-up artist, brings out the trick in Halloween with the reversed eye look. Though we enjoy a scary surprise on Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this creative yet straightforward style. Definitely a look for people who enjoy the comedic style of Halloween.blank4. Melted Pumpkin- What is Halloween without the pumpkins?! You can’t go wrong with a traditional pumpkin look, but Rachel Leary takes it a step further with this glamorous but haunting ‘melted pumpkin’ style.
    blank Click on the images to watch these Fang-tastic tutorials and stay spooky! xo
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