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Student Hosts Party after Testing Positive for COVID-19




Following the rise in Miami University students testing positive for COVID-19, you would expect to see greater compliance with the rules. But this was not the case for Teens in Ohio, who neglectfully hosted a house party after testing positive for COVID-19.

It’s one thing to host a party during these times, but it’s another to host it when you’ve tested positive. So, when an officer from the Oxford Police Department arrived at a house withholding 20 students, you can imagine his distress. Upon arrival, he was greeted to students unmasked, blasting music with social distancing being non-existent.


The officer attempted to cease the party, amid COVID-19 restrictions in Ohio being limited to 10 people maximum both indoors and outdoors. After scanning the ID of the resident, it was discovered that the student tested positive for COVID-19 a week prior to hosting a party during Labour Day weekend. The student admitted to testing positive, but when questioned why he was not in quarantine, he carelessly responded that the purpose of the party meant that he was indoors and other students attending the party had also tested positive.

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Six of the students received a $500 fine.  Miami University is unable to comment on individual circumstances, but according to Washington Post, a spokesman for the University noted that any student who violates the University’s rules would face disciplinary action.


Student Positive with COVID-19




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