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Cardi B Files for Divorce





After being in a relationship for three years, Cardi B is ready to call it quits with Offset.

The couple got married secretly in 2017 and instantly became a power couple on social media. They had some bumps in the road, though. When she released her song, Be Careful, back in 2018, rumors began to speculate about Offset’s infidelity.

It’s unclear what has fueled Cardi to make this decision, but she seems pretty set on her choice. After the internet “mysteriously” gathered her court document, it was shown that Cardi wants “no reconciliation.”

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Aside from divorce, she is also seeking custody of their daughter, Kulture as well as child support.

blankThe Migos rapper seems unfazed by the news though, as he has continues to post to his Instagram like everything is normal. In 2018, he poured his heart out to social media and begged for Cardi to take him back.

Maybe things are over for the couple after all.

Lawrencia Grose is a southern native who loves everything entertainment and anything revolved around black excellence! She loves writing, graphic design, and hopes to work in the media industry when she graduates.

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