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Seven Ways You Can De-stress During Quarantine



We’re halfway through September and only three days until fall. Where did all the time go? In the midst of these lighting fast months, a lot has happened. For many teens, school had started in late August of early September. It can be difficult having balanced time-management while also surviving your classes. Which is why it’s so important to designate time through your week or even your day to de-stress. In this article, I outlined seven different ways you can do be a little less anxiousness throughout your day… Let’s go!

Pick up some hobbies

I know there’s at least one thing that you’ve always thought was really cool but never really got the chance to try out. Well I’m here to tell you: Try it! Experimenting with different interests can help you find an outlet for when you’re not feeling your best self. Also, if you’ve always wanted to try something like acrylic paint or putting together music, you could have a creative outlet where your ideas can shine.

Start readingblank

This could be anything from historical classics to self-help books. Either way, reading let’s your mind wander somewhere else for a change. You can check out my previous article that includes books focussing on anti-racism. It also has a list of books written by talented Black authors.


I don’t know if this is just me but doing tedious tasks like decluttering your computer files or fixing up your desks really helps you set on the track of productivity. It’s quite relaxing and you can have music in the background as your going through your phone and deleting photos you know you don’t need. Either way, picking up a few items here and there or tidying up your room can make a big change in your surrounding environment.


Make yourself a meal


In my opinion, this has two great results. Firstly, the cooking aspect helps set your mind off of things and lets you have your attention solely on making your food. And once you finish cooking it, you get to enjoy a home-cooked meal right afterwards! It can be during anytime of the day and you could enjoy baked goods or a risotto; Totally up to you.

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Now this is more of a long term one but creating boundaries is a way of taking care of yourself. Although you might be physically distant from people right now, it can be draining sitting through meeting after meeting. And sometimes you might be too tired to call your friend or talk to people in general. And that’s okay, it can be exhausting. Setting aside time for yourself and yourself only can really help you de-stress and set up the rest of your day in a more positive perspective.

Do a workout

I know, I know, working out at times is definitely not fun. Especially when all you can remember about working out is having to run a mile for P.E.blank back at school. But you have to admit, it’s really refreshing once you finish the workout. A real bummer that we can’t do mile runs at school anymore, so unfortunate. But there are several workout videos that you can find on youtube or certain apps. This is a great way to improve both your physical and mental well being.


Start a journal

Starting an entire journal might be intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be designated to one certain thing only. You could start off simple and write a sentence a day about anything. This is a great way to have a short time of reflection on your blankday for those of us who are busy (I get it). It’s also really nice to look back after a month and so and see the interesting stuff that had happened in the past that you would have forgotten about if you haven’t written it. Bonus points if you do a sentence a day into something I’m grateful for a day. This brings more of a positive tone in your daily reflection and makes you smile as you look back on all the amazing blessings you have.





At the end of the day, you know yourself and what helps you calm down after a long day. Make sure to listen to what your body is telling you. And just a reminder: You got this!

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