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Politics the Teen Way: How to Pre-Register to Vote




In honor of National Voter Registration Day, many adults are registering to vote and ensuring that their voices will be heard on the ballot. While many teenagers feel that this process won’t affect them until they are 18 years old, some of them are still eligible to get involved! Only 53% of all US citizens vote in elections, meaning that almost half of Americans are not having a say in politics. By pre-registering to vote, you will be automatically prepared by the time you turn 18. Laws differ in different states, but most states allow you to pre-register before you turn 18! Pre-registering to vote can be done in less than 10 minutes and allows you to reduce the stress and pressure that comes with becoming an adult. 


How to pre-register to vote!

  1. Find out your state’s age requirement for pre-registering to vote
  • Find the pre-registration website for your state
    • This site also includes deadlines and different ways to register
  • Make sure you have what you will need to pre-register
    • Your driver license or identification card number
    • The last four digits of your social security number
    • Your date of birth
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             2. Click on “pre-register to vote” on the site

             3. Fill out your personal information

             4. Vote when you’re 18!

Additional Resources


Voting is so important because every adult deserves to have a voice and say in the politics of their country. Even if you are uninterested in ballots and measures, please take the time to pre-register or register! Starting to learn about your rights while you are young is so important for the future.

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