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Selena Gomez Releases Voting Merch




With election season quickly approaching, we have seen the exponential increase of celebrities with large social media fan bases have started encouraging their fans to vote. Whether this is through an Instagram story or Snapchat video, many famous figures have been able to use their platforms to support a greater cause.


To go a step further, Selena Gomez decided to reach her audience in a unique way that would truly represent how important voting truly is. As part of Dover Street Market’s collaboration with nonprofit When We All Vote, Gomez designed voting merchandise that both shares her fashion style and promotes a valuable cause. This collection included a black “When We All Vote” graphic hoodie, along with a white t-shirt that has a matching design. The sweatshirt and t-shirt feature a colorful blue and pink graphic that is both trendy and eye catching. These pieces are both available on Dover Street Market’s website, the sweatshirt for $65 and the t-shirt for $40. Gomez was not the only creator involved with this collaboration and brands such as Off-White, Guns N Roses, and Marc Jacobs. The When We All Vote campaign is a “a non-profit, nonpartisan organization on a mission to increase participation in every election.” Dover Street Market raises awareness for voting and encourages Americans to take advantage of their constitutional right.

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Voting is so important because every adult deserves to have a voice and say in the politics of their country. Even if you are uninterested in ballots and measures, please take the time to pre-register or register! Starting to learn about your rights while you are young is so important for the future. Learn about your rights and how to make a change at your age!

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