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Oscar Grant’s Case is Being Reopened




It’s never too later for justice. If you don’t know who Oscar Grant is, go watch Fruitvale Station on Netflix! The innocent black man was killed by police on New Year’s Eve in California after a brawl broke out on a train. blank

His death was caught on video, and sparked protest throughout the nation years ago.

The officer who was responsible for shooting Grant, Johannes Mehsele, was convicted in 2009 and spent two years in prison before being released. He won’t be charged again but, his colleagues who witnessed the killing will be.

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His family and friends say it feels good to have his case be reopened, but they aren’t holding their breath.

With everything happening in society today, we can only hope that our fallen brother gets the justice he deserves.

Lawrencia Grose is a southern native who loves everything entertainment and anything revolved around black excellence! She loves writing, graphic design, and hopes to work in the media industry when she graduates.

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