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Haven’t Been Keeping up with the 2020 Election? We’ve got you covered!




The country has been on edge for much of this past week, with the close presidential race between Donald Trump, representing the Republican Party, and Joe Biden, representing the Democratic Party. The two candidates are in a competitive race to reach 270 electoral votes, and many Americans have been holding their breaths as they await a few remaining state decisions. Over the past few days since November 3rd, Biden has secured 264 electoral votes, with Trump closely following with 214. The reason the election has over three days to come to an end is because several states are taking longer than usual to tally up their votes. As of November 6th, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania have yet to announce their voting results. 


As of now, Biden seems to be in the lead, considering votes are in favor of him so far in Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. However, it is difficult to tell whether he will maintain this close lead in these remaining states because the ballot counts have not been finalized yet. On November 5th, Biden won Wisconsin and Michigan, which furthered his lead over Trump. 

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It is important to note that the election results in each state have been extremely close. In some states, a candidate won the electoral college votes by only a few percent. The states that have not announced which candidate they are voting for are primarily battleground states, which means that they are equally split between both candidates, for the most part. This is part of the reason why these states are taking an extended period of time to tally their votes. Since these states are so evenly divided, each ballot needs to be carefully counted to ensure accuracy. 

Although our country is deeply divided between the two parties, it is important to remember that we will still be united as a country, no matter who wins the election. As we head into the final days before the President is announced, keep in mind that just because your political views might differ from someone else’s, does not mean that you cannot treat them with respect. Please be kind and stay safe!




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