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James Charles Hints that Beauty Brand is in the Works




After the overwhelming success of his colorful eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Morphe last year, many believed that James Charles would take this year to focus on himself and his Sisters Apparel clothing line. While fans have asked for a follow up palette, James has only released a mini version of the palette since the initial release. However, in a recent tweet, James announced to fans that he might have more in the works.



On September 29th, he wrote, “WHEWWWW the plans I have for my makeup line are truly… something else,” he wrote, adding a devil emoji at the end. James’ 6.9 million Twitter followers expressed their enthusiasm by begging for more information about the upcoming brand.

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While James did not release any following up information, we can only guess that this beauty brand will be an immediate success. Fans have fully supported his previous palette and the merchandise he has released through his clothing brand Sisters Apparel. James has always demonstrated his keen eye for design and attention to detail.



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