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Cardi B Calls of Divorce With Offset




Looks like things are back on track for the celebrity couple, Cardi B and Offset.

A couple of weeks ago, Cardi filed for a divorce from her husband Offset. While we’re still not completely sure why, Cardi said that sometimes people just grow apart. She took to Twitter to defend herself and eventually ended up deleting her account.


This isn’t the first time the couple has called it quits and got back together, though. In an audio, Cardi admitted, “If I want to go the extreme to teach a n**** a f****** lesson and f****** file for divorce, I could do that. It’s my life I’m not getting no f****** abuse.”

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She tells her fans that she’s willing to do what she can to save their relationship. Offset also defending his wife as well.

We’ll see what’s to come with the now happy couple!

Lawrencia Grose is a southern native who loves everything entertainment and anything revolved around black excellence! She loves writing, graphic design, and hopes to work in the media industry when she graduates.

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