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Aerie Gets Activewear, The Perfect Comfortable Look




Who wants to wear denim, and skirts while just sitting at home? Trust me, with COVID-19 and being quarantined I just want to wear leggings, flowing shorts, and joggers. I usually match it with a cute bralette or sports bra, but that’s just me. A lot of people have been doing home projects during quarantine and let’s be honest, trying to clean, organize, ext with a skirt on is not comfortable. We are already supposed to stay home, we might as well be comfortable. Everyone loves American Eagle & Aerie! But, they never made athletic wear. Until lately, they have released a line of leggings & yoga pants for women.

Currently, on their website, they have 77 items under their leggings & yoga pants section. The different fits include 7/8, crop, full length, and short. They even have sizes for short and tall people as well! The sizes go from XXS to XXL, all the sizes except XXS and XXL have short, long, and regular options. They also have tons of color options, it starts with some basics such as white, neutral, grey, brown, and black. Then they have more fun colors such as pink, burgundy, green, blue, and purple. They even have high rise leggings & yoga pants! The most affordable leggings are the OFFLINE OG Legging, with their original price of $15.95 but currently on sale for $11.16. Comes in colors true black and iron heather, they are regular rise and full length. Then the most expensive leggings are the OFFLINE RIBBED HIGH WAISTED LACE UP LEGGING and let me tell you, these are so stylish! Comes in colors raw sienna, purple space, heirloom, olive daze, and true black. To make things easier it comes in a nude, purple, yellow, green, and black. They have the original price of $59.95 and they’re on sale for $41.96. These are by far my favorite leggings, but the color for me is purple space.

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