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Why Milani Cosmetics named in the Amber Heard vs johnny Depp trial




As fans across the world tune in each day to watch the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial live on different news outlets and YouTube channels, many of us cannot help but laugh at some of what goes down in the courtroom.


The latest outrage has been regarding Milani Cosmetics, a brand that is known for somewhat affordable yet high quality, popular products.

But why is the famous beauty brand relevant to the defamation trail that is taking place?

Well to catch you up: Heard is being sued by Depp after she made claims back in 2018 that he had abused her throughout their marriage. This has been ongoing battle for Depp, with him finding it hard to land roles he would have quite easily been given prior to this incident, as well as his reputation on the line.


Although it seems this case has worked in his favour so far, Heard’s lawyers recently showed a Milani Cosmetics product ‘All in One Correcting Kit’, which they used as evidence, explaining that Heard carried this round with her to hide bruises that Depp had apparently given her, until they divorced 2016.

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Heard’s lawyer held the product up in caught, ‘’this is what she used’’ going on to speak of how Heard had to ‘’mix the different colours for the different days’’. Their marriage ended in 2016, so baring that in mind, how can a product from 2017 (the future), be used?

That’s right! Milani Cosmetics announced that their correcting kit launched in 2017, and they announced it with a great TikTok video.


The video said “You asked us… let the record show that our Correcting Kit launched in 2017!” they wrote in the video. “Take note: Alleged abuse was around 2014-2016, got divorced 2016, makeup palette release date: December 2017.”

A whole beauty cosmetic brand came with the receipts! What do you think about the trial so far? It seems as though Heard has already been caught out in one lie too many.


You can watch the trial unfold on YouTube at the ‘Law & Crime Network’ channel.

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