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Spain issues arrest warrant against Tinder Swindler



Tinder Swindler

Spain issued an arrest warrant against Shimon Hayut, best known as the Tinder Swindler, which is the protagonist of the Netflix documentary portraying how he persuaded dozens of women to spend their money on his lavish lifestyle. 

The Times reported that a warrant has been issued for his arrest for presenting a fake ID to police after driving his Maserati onto the beach in the southern resort of Tarifa, back in 2019.

Spanish authorities launched criminal proceedings back in February 2019 following a police complaint a month earlier when Hayut allegedly parked a Maserati on the beach in Tarifa and the vehicle got stuck on the sands of Los Lances Sur, a popular windsurfing destination.

Hayut was asked to come to a local police station, presenting an Israeli driver’s license under the name of Michael Bilton. Traffic violation proceedings were initially issued against Bilton, but according to a report in local news outlet La Voz De Cadiz, police have since asked that judicial authorities register Hayut as the offender and re-open the case under his name.

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The search-and-arrest warrant was filed when “Bilton” failed to show up for court proceedings.

The police were about to drop the case after three years but they picked the case again in April this year after they contacted the Norwegian journalist who is seen in the Netflix documentary unmasking Hayut as a swindler.

Hayut has served several jail sentences for various fraudulent activities. The Netflix documentary released in February this year directed by Felicity Morris focuses on his activities conning different women out of their savings. 

With the money he received from them,  he traveled throughout Europe in private jets and posted glamorous pictures on social media, and used their money to seduce new potential female funders.

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