What Is Eyebrow Lamination?

The days of normal eyebrow grooming are gone where you fill your brows in. Now it’s all about the sleek look, also known as eyebrow lamination. Eyebrow lamination is great for filling gaps and giving the illusion of more hair. It’s the less invasive way of microblading. 

There is a three-step process of eyebrow lamination.

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Step1- A lifting cream is applied to the brows for about 8-10 minutes to loosen the hair and make the brow hair move more freely. 

Step 2- A neutralizing cream is applied to the brows 

Step 3- Lastly an oil treatment is applied to the brows to prevent dryness. 

The full process takes about 45 minutes and the eyebrows will remain this way for about eight weeks. The only product you’ll need is a spoolie brush. 

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