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Becky G launches Make-up line “Treslúce”



Picture courtesy of Treslúce Beauty

Becky G is stirring up the beauty industry with her new makeup line focusing on diversity in the Latinx community.

Last month, Becky G launched her new makeup line, “Treslúce Beauty,” inspired by her Mexican heritage. This line is in partnership with beauty brand incubator MadeBy Collective.

Becky G started her career in 2011 posting videos of her singing that grabbed the attention of producers and landed her a record deal. The singer, songwriter, and actress released several viral hits and starred in many makeup campaigns like Covergirl in 2013 and Colourpop. From there, she gained enough experience and knowledge to build her inspiring collection.

“I’ve dreamt about this moment for years now, and it was on my list of priorities, but I thought it was important to be a student first,” she said.

The passion of this freshly new beauty founder is evident with her decision to test every single one of her products on herself. According to Byrdie, she wore them in her music videos, and the red carpet looks to ensure every formula was developed with the utmost care.


Picture courtesy of Treslúce Beauty

Furthermore, her creative intention was to put more diverse faces at the forefront of beauty. Also, she wants future launches to celebrate all Latinx cultures as well.

She explained, “My Mexican heritage was also very much an inspiration, as I wanted to highlight in a very special way – along will all other beautiful Latinx cultures within our community.”

On the other hand, Treslúce Beauty’s mission is to highlight communities and always give back in an intentional way, supporting Latinx artists and artisans across the U.S. and Latin America.

Becky G, a second-generation Mexican-American, will use her platform to bring positive change and acknowledge Latinx creators, consumers, and tastemakers who are the driving force in today’s beauty world.

“We will amplify the beauty diversity, and complexity of Latinx culture with the goal of advancing and influencing others’ understanding and acceptance of our cultura,” she exclaimed.

She continued, “I also want young women who come from where I come from to be looked at as more than just a pretty face, but as a young businesswoman. Like Monica Loya, who actually was the incredible artist that did the artwork for our first palette – she’s from Mexico and I was a fan of her work so it just came together in the best way.”

“That’s one thing I love about our culture so much, that we not only share our music but our food, homes, and now this makeup line,” she concluded.

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Nevertheless, this brand is full of passion and inspiration, even down to the brand name coming with a powerful message. The number tres, she said, is her favorite number with a spiritual meaning: it represents the mind, body, and soul. “In Espanol, the number three is tres, and I thought that makeup for me is beyond gender, it’s beyond color, it’s beyond shape, beyond size, it is for everyone.”


Picture courtesy of Treslúce Beauty

The line is launching with six products – “I Am” Shadow Palette; “Like An Artista” 8pc Brush Set; “Ilusión” Premium Lashes; “Intenso” Liners (15 shades); “Mi Tesoro” Lash Case; and “Super Fácil 2-in-1 Lash Applicator.”

According to Beauty Packaging, the high-performance line features conscious, cruelty-free vegan-friendly formulations and vivid makeup colors, with brightly packaging to match.

A key factor is a blue agave sourced from Jalisco, Mexico. “The soothing and nurturing Mexican blue agave delivers a unique softness improving the skin texture, and is derived sustainably from the nectar of the plant,” the brand stated.

Take a deeper dive into the “I Am Shadow Palette,” which includes 18 eyeshadows in matte and shimmer textures.

The packaging features a detachable mirror and a stunning illustration of Becky G by artist Monica Loya.


Becky G said to Teen Vogue, “I remember my mom having an eye shadow with all these beautiful, vibrant shades.”


Picture courtesy of Treslúce Beauty

The brand stated, “Treslúce encourages you to show that off brightly, boldly, and unapologetically. With daring confidence, create your own path. We honor the unique beauty within you, generations before, and those to come.”

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