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UK REPORT: Prince Harry and Meghan to join other celebrities in wine making industry




For the past few months in particular, Prince Harry and Meghan have been the topic of most conversations. Surely there can’t be anymore to talk about? Wrong!
According to the Daily Mail the famous couple are going to join other celebrities on a new venture into the wine industry.

Montecito, where the couple now live, is home to many wineries and vineyards, so it wouldn’t be the strangest of things to start getting involved with.

Penny Bianchi – ‘neighbour’ to Oprah, a local resident to Montecito and the influence behind Harry and Meghan’s adoption to chickens, has said that ‘’it wouldn’t be a surprise’’ if the couple did do the same as everyone else and jumped on the band wagon, or in this case, the wine cart.

Bianchi also mentioned how common it is to invest in wine in Montecito, and how she knows people with wineries on their own properties. With Prince Harry and Meghan living in their 14.5 million mansion, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a winery to it.


Harry and Meghan have both said they do want to start living more ‘’authentically’’ in their new home, so maybe this will put them on the right path to doing so – if the chickens weren’t enough.
Santa Barbara County is home to more than 275 wineries, and many other famous faces such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and even Brangelina have joined the wine industry and have gone on to be very successful in it.

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According to the Santa Barbara Vintners website, the regions wine industry is estimated to have an annual economic impact of 1.7 billion, with almost 10,000 employees.

Award winning Santa Barbara winemaker, Greg Martellotto who runs Martellotto Winery said to the Daily Mail that he thinks it would be ‘’fantastic if Harry and Meghan got involved with our industry’’ going on to say ‘’they are global people with name recognition around the world who could go anywhere but they came to Santa Barbara and I think that in itself says a lot.”

Meghan also had a blog called ‘The Tig’ which was actually named after her favourite red wine, so we know she’s a fan already!

Who knows, maybe we will be spotting the Royal wine on the shelves soon! Keep your eyes peeled and your corkscrews at the ready!

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