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UK Love Island Lucie Donlan says face masks are killing wildlife




The Sun newspaper has recently set up the ‘The Sun’s Mask Force’, which is a campaign to help protect marine life, and keep our oceans and streets clean.


Lucie Donlan, who is best known for appearing on Love Island in 2019, is helping with the campaign. Lucie is from Newquay in Cornwall, and as a surfer, and a resident at such a big tourist town, she has noticed the negative change in littering across the beaches.

The purpose of the campaign is to recycle the one-use masks instead of chucking them on the floor (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway)!

The Sun have put boxes in Morrisons supermarkets, and they have been filled up to the top repeatedly since the campaign started. The masks that are put into the specialised bins will be recycled into benches and building materials.


In a statement regarding the increase in litter, as well as the damage to the animals, Lucie touched on how the children today will only see marine animals (such as dolphins) in story books, rather than in real life; she expands on how we are destroying the planet one mask at a time.

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‘’I think people in towns and cities don’t realise that whatever they drop often ends up making its way into the sea and then on to our beaches.’’

‘’They will only see the true damage when they come down here on holiday’’


Lucie also gave an example of how sea pups have been bought in at The Sea Life Trust where she works, hurt due to litter; other animals too are hurt or die due to plastic being in their stomachs because of human waste.

Watch The Sun’s video with Lucie here:

And if you’re in the UK be sure to throw your masks away properly! You can find the specialised bins in Morrisons stores.

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