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Lifetime releases trailer for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle ‘’Royal Exit’’ Movie




Lifetime Canada have released a trailer for a brand-new movie on the ‘’royal exit’’, focusing on the story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leaving the palace, along with the famous interview with Oprah.

The movie will be released in Autumn, and will be called ‘Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace’.

Prince Harry will be played by Jordan Dean, and Meghan will be played by Sydney Morton.

The trailer pulls on the heart strings and tries it best to highlight the downs that the pair have been through, Harry saying to Meghan in one notable clip ‘’I see you literally being hounded to death and I’m helpless to stop it’’.


In another clip, Meghan (Sydney), is telling her baby boy Archie, how she is ‘’the person who is strong and get things right’’.

The trailer shows the actor and actress re-enacting the famous Oprah interview which happened earlier on in the year.

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This will be the third movie that Lifetime would have released about the couple, the tagline on this one saying

‘’Not all fairytales have the perfect ending’’

With just the tagline alone you know this upcoming movie will definitely be an interesting one, however critics and the general public have naturally had some negative comments – and shared them. Many people have commented on the bad acting / bad casting, as well as people thinking it’s a joke; others think it is simply just exploiting the couple.


It will be released this Autumn so we can all make our final decision then, but for now check out the trailer via this link if you are in the UK!

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