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The UK Report: The Boris Johnson Debacle




Prime minister Boris Johnson has recently been in the firing line after reports of a party held at Downing Street were made.

The party was said to be held during the first lockdown, reported to have been a ‘’bring your own booze’’ garden party.

Amidst the allegations and reports that were made against Johnson, he initially claimed that ‘’nobody warned me it was against the rules’’ and also denied the possibility of him being asked to resign with regards to this situation.


Not only was there one party, but there were allegedly at least two separate occasions when Johnson and other staff had broken the lockdown rules – that he himself, had set.

One of the parties – a leaving party – with guests bringing a suitcase filled with alcohol – was held just a day before Prince Philip’s funeral where the Queen had to sit alone due to the restrictions that were set in place at that time.

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Johnson has confirmed that he has apologised to the Queen.

Johnson’s former senior aide, Dominic Cummings – who previously resigned over his own breach of the rules – has now accused the prime minister of lying, saying that he had been warned over the garden party and the consequences of the situation.


The prime minister has denied this allegation, saying he was NOT warned.

Dominic Cummings still might come forward with further allegations with could harm Boris Johnson in the long run if he does stay at No. 10.

When speaking to News Channels, Mr Johnson said ‘’nobody warned me against the rules…I would have remembered that’’ and moving forward he hopes that ‘’people would understand the circumstances we were operating in’’.

He also has been interviewed by senior civil servant Sue Gray for an inquiry into lockdown parties.


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