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Adele cancels Las Vegas residency




Adele has announced via her Instagram account (@adele) that her Las Vegas residency shows – 3 months of concerts at Caesars Palace – have been postponed, posting a short heartfelt video message on her profile, she delivered the news in tears.

Explaining why the show has been cancelled, she says how the show isn’t ready and how most of her team have been sick with Covid, putting a strain on the preparation of the show.


Although Covid played a large part to the delay of getting the show performance ready, according to a few other sources, the show was also said to be cancelled due to Adele being ‘’displeased’’ with the production, leading to disputes amongst the team.

Adele was said to not be onboard with various parts of the set, choir, the sound system and other parts of the performance visuals, as they ‘’were not good enough’’.

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Caesars Palace, where the performances were to be held, are said to be shocked by the last-minute cancellation. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the idea that it was due to the ongoing changes being made. Adele is known for her stripped-back performances, so there was a lot of pressure to put on a ‘’huge extravaganza’’, sources say there ‘’was a constant ricochet between what the show should be, and it caused explosive arguments’’.

Specifically, there were plans for the singer to be hoisted up in a pool, which apparently, she described as a ‘’baggy old pond’’, and after seeing the final design refused to even stand it during her Weekends with Adele shows. Tickets for those shows in particular were being sold for up to £9000 a ticket.

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