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The UK Report: Manchester United football star Mason Greenwood arrested for Rape and GBH




From mega football star to accused rapist, 20-year-old Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend, Harriet Robson, has finally spoken out against the constant abuse she faces.


Apparently there have been concerns regarding Greenwood’s ego during his hugely promising career, he plays for the one of the worlds biggest football teams at such a young age, although that seems to have created a sense of entitlement.

Since his debut in 2019, Greenwood hasn’t had a smooth entry into the spotlight, with concerns surrounding his attitude, and also his rocky relationship with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch.


Ronaldo has spoken in interviews previously talking about how the younger players are reluctant to take advice, which people took to mean that he was referring to Greenwood in particular.

Manchester United have spoken to Greenwood before regarding his time keeping and general attitude on the training ground. There was also speculation that he was hosting parties at a rented property during lockdown.

He and a fellow player have also invited girls back to their hotel rooms after games, in which he had to issue an apology for his ‘’huge mistake’’, and he hasn’t played for England since after being fined for breaking the covid rules.


The recent allegations against Greenwood, however, have been much more serious, with his girlfriend of 3 years, Harriet Robson, speaking out against the physical and mental abuse, and also rape allegations against her boyfriend.

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Robson posted on social media a video of her with blood pouring out of her mouth with the caption ‘’to everyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to me’’. She had also previously posted photos of bruises on her body, and also a recording from October of Greenwood forcing himself on her and being extremely abusive and threatening.

‘’I asked you politely and you wouldn’t do it so what else do you want me to do’’
‘’Push me again one more time and watch what happens’’

Greater Manchester Police were made aware of the social media images and videos, and confirmed that ‘’a man in his 20s has since been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault’’. Greenwood remains in custody for questioning.

Manchester United have said that they ‘’do not condone violence of any kind’’ and he will not
return to training until further notice.

Greenwood is still yet to comment on the situation.

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