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The UK Report: An increase of spiked girls in UK clubs – Boycotting




In the UK, reports of girls getting spiked (drugs put into their drinks) have become more common, or in recently even more common cases, girls have been getting spiked by injections.

With this going on far and wide across the country, nightclubs are ‘’working hard’’ to keep the cases down and ensure that this is put to a stop for once and for all.

Throughout September and October different venues and organisations have tried to enforce new rules and harder security searches.


There is a group called Girls Night who are also specifically boycotting clubs in order for club owners and chains to take this more seriously…but how can this be the case with it often feeling like a mission impossible with regards to tracking the suspects and the drugs?

The Girls Night group, and many others, are boycotting clubs across 45 different cities in the UK.

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Many women have spoken out about how they don’t feel safe in clubs anymore – something that should be fun and care free – even covering your drinks simply isn’t enough anymore.

Last week there were reports of 56 incidents of the spiking injection across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association, Michael Kill, has spoken on how the government will join forces with his organisation, introducing schemes to help tackle the problem.

You can read up on our other article, for more information and advice on what to do if you or someone you know gets spiked:

The UK Report: Injection spiking in the UK – What symptoms to look for and how to respond

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