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Rosalía Announces ‘Motomami’ Album for 2022




The Spanish singer, la Rosalia, already has plans for 2022. 

She just announced she would release her new album called “Motomami” next year.  La Rosalia made the announcement with a post on social media where she was dancing and repeating over and over the title of the album, and she wrote in the post “coming soon.” 

The release follows her 2018 Latin Grammy-winning album El Mal Querer. Among the prizes, the album won were Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album. 

The first time La Rosalia spoke about this album was last December with Variety, when she said she was “closing the cycle of these recordings” and was “really happy with them”.

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Since 2018 La Rosalia has been working alongside big artists in singles such as La Noche de Anoche with Bad Bunny and Lo vas a Olvidar with Billie Eilish. 

Rosalía’s manager, Rebeca León said during a panel at Billboard’s Latin Music Week that “Rosalía is the type to be very judicious with what she releases.”

She also said she’s a writer-producer, so she pays attention to every single detail and is not the type to write a song in a day.


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