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The Queen tests positive for Covid




It has been announced that Queen Elizabeth II has tested positive with Covid, with the news coming just after Prince Charles, the Queen’s eldest son, had also tested positive (for the second time), just a few days after meeting with his mother.


The Queen’s aides have said that her symptoms are mild and she seems to be feeling okay, despite the circumstances. Of course, politicians, the public and the rest of the Royal Family wish Her Royal Highness a speedy recovery.

Of course, it is never a great time to fall ill, but in particular this news has happened amongst an already stressful time for the Queen with regards to the latest scandals regarding her 2 eldest sons, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew.

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The Queen who is (believed to) be triple vaccinated, has complained that she is suffering from stiffness and has been pictured with a walking stick.

The Queen is one to always follow the rules and guidelines (even at Prince Philip’s funeral) so we can hope for the best that following the guidelines and receiving the right medical attention will bring her back to her full health.

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