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Rudy Peña’s Family Wants Justice After Astroworld Fatality



Rudy Peña

One week after the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas, families of the victims who died ask for justice for their loved ones. 

This is the case with the family of Rudy Peña, a 23-year-old medical assistant with a criminal justice major. He was one of the eight people who died during the mass casualty event at Travis Scott’s concert. 

A day after the tragedy, Peña’s brother-in-law, Sergio Gonzalez, spoke with People and said the family wanted answers and justice. 

“This afternoon, Rudy’s mother found out that he had died. She was so distraught. Her pain was immense. She was screaming, crying. We had to give her a sedative, and she’s barely going to sleep,” said Gonzalez. 

“She thinks he’s still alive and that she’s waiting for him and [says] that he’ll come home. She keeps saying she has to get home because he’s going to arrive. You can only imagine.”

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Rudy Peña was the youngest of five siblings and was originally from Durango, Mexico. According to his brother-in-law, Mr. Gonzalez, Rudy was a music lover who attended the concert with friends. 

“We’re so angry. There are always so many concerts and they’re always great, but you never imagine that there’ll be a tragedy. You never go to a concert and think you’re going to die. You pay for your ticket, go to a concert, have fun and go home — you never think you’ll go through something like this,” he said.

Mr. Gonzalez also said the family hasn’t even been able to see his body “There are more questions in the air than answers. How did this happen?” Gonzalez asked. “We literally don’t know how he died. What were the circumstances?”

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