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North Miami Pioneers Finish a Long Intense and Emotional Season




With the conclusion of this season, Coach Mathieu DePaula and the team have given their all and have finished strong. Although the goal was to make it to the National Championship and break the record of the volleyball team not making it to the District Championships in 25 years the North Miami Pioneers fell short of that goal as they were defeated by the Nova Trojans. However, they did earn the title of the District Runner Up Champions.

Miami,FL: The North Miami Pioneers in their championship game against the Nova Trojans (Photo by Amani Sams )

“Though we broke the 25 year curse we fell short for the win. But one main goal we achieved was to grow together and win the support from the fans, family, and friends”, stated Coach DePaula. He continued by saying, “Nova we look forward to seeing you ladies next year in the championship again for another rematch so be ready. Until then back to the drawing boards and getting ready for 2020”. 

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The North Miami Pioneers finished their season with a total of 16 wins and 6 losses. This was their best season record yet.

The team’s next steps include prepping the seniors for their collegiate season and hosting a memorable send off. Coach Depaula continues to work with the seniors and improve their techniques before he too takes a major step in the next transition of his life by re enlisting in the Army.

Amani is the Editor-In-Chief of Aman Magazine. Aside from managing the day to day operations of the magazine she is also a radio personality for Hits 92.3.

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