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Van Lathan Fired from TMZ?!



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Long time TMZ reporter Van Lathan was recently fired for getting into a heated argument with fellow reporter Michael Babcock. Page Six tells us that the duo had been recording “TMZ Live” (an online show), when the two began to have some sort of disagreement. It was unclear what the spat was about as the footage has been edited. Sources have stated that the two were arguing over politics, which has increasingly come between them. Previously Lathan and Babcock went head to head over Kanye’s statement that “Slavery Is a Choice”, Lathan leaned left while Babcock was more right.

Sources continue to tell Page Six that the two went behind the scenes after the show and exchanged words with one another. Lathan threatened that there would be trouble if Babcock ever embarrassed him on live like that again. Later Lathan would meet with TMZ’s attorney’s and become suspended from the company.

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An insider states that there is a lot of pressure in the newsroom. Often reporters are set up against each other for the sake of ratings. They continue to state that; “Van’s not mean-spirited. Anything that happened is a product of that environment…”.


After being such a mega part of TMZ’s success, coworkers and outsiders were stunned at Lathan’s suspension. TMZ, Babcock, and Lathan are all currently unavailable for comment.

Amani is the Editor-In-Chief of Aman Magazine. Aside from managing the day to day operations of the magazine she is also a radio personality for Hits 92.3.

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