Nessa Diab Blasts NFL For Listing Colin Kaepernick As ‘Retired’ Player

The NFL has redesigned its website. With the new updates, Colin Kaepernick’s page has been listed as “retired”. His girlfriend, Nessa Diab took to Twitter to blast the NFL for the move. 

“The @NFL lying on their website claiming @Kaepernick 7 retired. Colin did NOT retire. You cowards blackballed him [because] he peacefully protested against police brutality. He’s a Super Bowl QB [and] should be playing [because] his stats show that”, she wrote. 

Although Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016 he has never announced his retirement since he was let go from the San Francisco 49ers for his public protests of kneeling during the pledge of allegiance. He considers himself a free agent. In the past he attended a public NFL workout in Atlanta after “several clubs” inquired about his readiness after he expressed his desire to get back into the league. 

After Nessa’s Tweet gained traction from her 146.6K followers the NFL edited Kaepernick status to “UFA” or an unrestricted free agent. 

“Thank you to everyone who held the @NFL accountable for falsely reporting that Colin ‘retired’ on their website. They heard you loud and clear”, Nessa wrote. 

Since Jay-Z has teamed up with the NFL, we wonder what the future hold for Colin Kaepernick and his athletic career. 

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