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Meghan Markle calls for equal vaccine access in VAX Live Speech




Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have recently spoke out over the need for vaccines to be given out to more countries and places that are in desperate need of them. Speaking on VAX Live, Meghan bought to our attention that there needs to be more equality with regards to the COVID -19 vaccine, and explained why this needs to be the case.


Even though Meghan is just weeks from giving birth to her second child, she is still working hard to fight for the needs of others and is still openly passionate about the problems that matter.

VAX Live was her first TV appearance since the famous Oprah interview she did back in March with Harry.

Just like many across the globe, a lot of us are uneducated to problems that may not concern us, but with Meghan being co – chair [at VAX Live], with her husband, it was a great opportunity to educate us with the facts, and teach us how to work together to create a better environment for all.

Meghan said:

“If we work together to bring vaccines to every country and continent, insist that vaccines are equitably distributed and fairly priced, and ensure that governments around the world are donating their additional vaccines to countries in need,
…. “then we can begin to fully rebuild. Not only to restore us to where we were before, but to go further.”


Adding to that, she also addressed the financial inequality, in particular with coloured woman, and how there will be long lasting effects after the pandemic, continuing on from when it first started.

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“My husband and I believe it’s critical that our recovery prioritizes the health, safety and success of everyone”

Over 5 million women across the US alone, have already lost their jobs and according to Meghan, that 47 million women across the world are bound to fall into ‘’extreme poverty’’ due to this, as a result of the pandemic.

And this is not the first time the couple have spoken out about the importance of vaccines, and how there needs to be more of a priority, especially with places that are the most poverty stricken. In the past they have asked for ‘monetary donations’ to help try and solve this problem urgently.

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