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Meet Ajón Crump: The Founder of Nike For Nurses Campaign

26 -year-old New Yorker Ajón Crump is doing her part to give back to Nurses on the Frontline of the COVID Pandemic. Many Nurses are experiencing are discarding their shoes at a rapid rate due to the contagious Coronavirus. Crump says she came up with the idea of launching ‘Nike for Nurses’ when her cousin, who is also a Nurse, asked for sneakers for her birthday.

With no assistance, Crump purchased over 70 pairs of Nike Air Zoom ‘Winflo 5’ sneakers for nurses all over the country. 

“My first goal was to help out in some way. It didn’t necessarily have to be in a large capacity if I was delivering groceries, that would have been enough. And then my cousin mentioned that she wanted sneakers for her birthday and she’s an R.N. in Florida. So that was the first moment where I was just like, ‘Oh, nurses definitely need sneakers;[they’re] definitely an essential part of the uniform.’ I love when loved ones of nurses reach out to me because then I can include part of their story in the thank you card. I wrap the boxes as if they’re Christmas presents”, stated Crump in a recent interview.

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 She continued by saying, “ I don’t plan on stopping really until I get to a point where I’m not receiving enough donations to really cover sneakers in a large scale- and even then, there’s really no reason to stop to me, even once the COVID-19 crisis is over, if it can really be over. ANd then even beyond that, I think we’ve gotten to th space where we’ve realized how important all health care officials are and essential workers are. Their experience, it’s not going to change what they’ve gone through just because it’s over. So, I think that they are always going to be deserving of new sneakers. If we could provide them, that’d be ideal”. 

For more information on how to volunteer you can email or if you know a nurse that needs sneakers you can email .

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