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Georgia Teachers’ Association Files Lawsuit Against the State Due to Schools Reopening




The largest teacher association in Georgia filed a lawsuit in Fulton County superior court last week due to the rapid reopening of schools. The lawsuit states that the new policies in place “have put the health and safety of Georgia’s 1.8 million public school students at risk”. The lawsuit also states that there needs to be a reevaluation of standards “to ensure that schools operate safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and consistent with the guidelines issued by recognized public health authorities such as the CDC.”

Shortly after the news of the lawsuit hit the media,The Georgia Educator’s Association president also expressed her disappointment in the leaders of Georgia such as Governor Brian Kemp by stating, “decisions by some of our leaders have led to classroom and school environments that endanger our children. As an organization of educators, that goes against the very nature of who we are and what we do for our students everyday. That is why GAE, along with other plaintiffs, saw the need to file suit”.

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Many school districts have begun to return to school including Fulton County and Paulding County. Many teachers have also had major concern about returning to school. Some educators have decided to resign due to COVID-19 uncertainties and concerns. In a statement, Emory University Hospital Doctor Frita Fisher stated teachers have a right to be concerned due to their age and underlying health conditions.

“Every patient who is close to their 70s, patients in their 60s and even late 50s, these patients will have a higher risk of complications or even death from COVID-19. It is difficult to judge someone who is trying to protect himself from the unknown”, said Dr.Frita. While several students and teachers are returning to schools for in person learning, the United States continue to surge and vaccine trials have been suspended at Johnson Johnson.

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