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Doja Cat Beats Coronavirus




The Coronavirus has been a huge pain over the world for majority of 2020. Hundreds of thousands of people have contracted the virus and that includes celebrities too! Doja Cat recently revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19.

When she released this news, however, social media seemed unfazed. Just months earlier, the singer took to social media to say how she didn’t care about COVID and that it isn’t as serious as everyone was making it seem. She mocked those who were afraid of it.


On Twitter, Doja described her experience. She stated that she couldn’t taste bacon and that her legs were hurting. Another symptom is fevers, which she said she had for two days.

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Just two days ago, after a fan asked if she still was positive, Doja stated that she wasn’t anymore. She says that she still isn’t afraid of the virus. She got the illness because she didn’t care about it.

Though she didn’t go into details about how she was able to overcome the virus, we are glad that the star is feeling better.

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