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D.C. Young Fly Won’t Take Over Wild’n Out Unless Nick Cannon Hands it to Him




Wild’n Out has been our T.V. screens for over a decade. With funny skits and some on the most popular celebrities, every new episode had us laughing our heads off. However, the continuation of the show is still in the air.

A few months ago, the show got into some trouble when creator, Nick Cannon, made some remarks that made him have to leave the cast. While episodes were steadily releasing, Cannon has been steadily trying to get full ownership of the show.

Before this situation took place though, there were still rumors that D.C. Young Fly would be the show’s new host when Cannon left- since he has been a huge part of the series for the last eight seasons. Unfortunately, D.C. is not looking forward to that offer anymore. blank

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In an interview with the Breakfast Club, D.C. said the only way he would take over is if it was done “the right way- given to me by the O.G.” He claims that corporate only cares about what you have to offer them. He then went on to say, “y’all don’t f*** with me like that!”

It seems that Nick isn’t handed back the throne then we don’t know what will come of the show.

Lawrencia Grose is a southern native who loves everything entertainment and anything revolved around black excellence! She loves writing, graphic design, and hopes to work in the media industry when she graduates.

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