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Teen Aman

Best Couple Halloween Costumes of 2020




2020 has gone by scarily fast which means SURPRISE, Halloween is just around the corner! Though we can’t celebrate it in the way we usually would, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the traditions of dressing up and plan a spectacular couple costume. I mean, what are partners for?! Grab your partner and get costume ready because I have gathered the best couple Halloween looks, for you wonderfully scary gals and ghouls.

Cards Against Humanity

Why not dress up as your favourite drinking game? The beauty of this means you can personalise the cards to suit your relationship… or scarily reveal something about your partner. Nothing is scarier than the truth, muhah. 



 Boo & Sully-Monsters Inc

For the Disney-lover couples out there who have genuinely found the Boo to their Sully, this is for you! If you dress up as these pair, I congratulate you on your relationship level.

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Netflix N’ Chill

Why not dress up as the infrastructure of 2020-the one thing that eased our COVID anxieties during Lockdown. Ideal for couples who spend all their time binging series because let’s face it, you can’t have Netflix without the chill. The easy DIY look is perfect for couples going for the low maintenance look.


No Wi-Fi and Low Battery

What can I say, having no Wi-Fi and low battery is definitely a new scare for 2020. 



For the guys who have let their partners orchestrate the couple costume every year, it’s time for you to have your moment.

“Honey, where’s my super suit?”.


Happy Halloween Readers  xo

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