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When They See Us Star Debuts New Single “For Real”




When They See Us star, Jharrel Jerome, has now turned to music to express his creativity. He used his acting checks to fund his studio time and how now debuted his first single. His debut single “For Real” features Bronx rapper Kemba. 

“Before I become an actor, hip hop was my first love. I grew up listening to everything old school, from Slick Rick, to the Tribe, to Big Pun. I was the one spitting off top at the lunch table in the sixth grade. If there was a freestyle cypher happening at the park, I was there. Being from BX, rap was in my blood whether I knew it or not”, Jerome wrote on Instagram. 

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“Before my life changed, I had no idea I’d want to turn rap from a hobby to a career. But given my acting platform and these unbelievable blessings through the past few years, I decided to hone in on my music. Since 2016, I’ve been putting all the bank I’ve made from my films into studio sessions and recording equipment; trying  to find my sound, my voice, my cadence, and my style. 4 years, 600 sessions, and 80 songs later, I think I’ve found it”, he continued. 

“For Real” is now available on all streaming platforms and explains Jerome’s “fear of social media”. 

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