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Trey Songz Accused Of Bumping Woman’s Car and Fleeing




RnB singer and Songwriter Trey Songz was accused of a hit and run on a woman that injured her hand.

According to law enforcement, Tremaine Aldon Neverson, A.K.A Trey Songz is seen getting into a disagreement that escalated into a hit and runs. Allegedly during the argument, Trey used his car to bump the victim’s car and quickly sped off. The woman complained about hand pain after the altercation but refused medical attention.

Trey’s camp adamantly denies the allegations of the woman.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Trey’s first altercation with a woman. Trey allegedly punched a bartender during a Cardi B performance at Palladium mid 2018. During the performance, Trey Songz hopped on the bar and sat on it, against the venue’s policy.

According to the bartender, Trey ignored her initial warning that he wasn’t allowed on the bar. Trey allegedly turned around and struck the bartender in the head.

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Furthermore, this isn’t the last time trey is in the news for negative publicity.  Trey was caught on camera putting a Jackson county police officer in a headlock at a Chief’s NFL Playoff game earlier in the year.

The incident took place when the singer refused to wear a mask in the stadium despite the coronavirus protocol at the time. Trey was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest. In the video the police released, trey is seen throwing the first punch during the interaction with Jackson police.

The Prosecutor’s Office for Jackson County Mo decided to decline filing charges against Trey, citing insufficient evidence. Trey Songz attorney John O’Connor had no comment.

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