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Kamala Harrris will become the first vice president immortalized in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum




Once again, Kamala Harris will make history and she will become the first vice president to have a wax sculpture at the “Oval Office Experience” in New York’s famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. President Biden will also have its own wax figure, and both are to be displayed later this year. 

The first pictures of the work done so far were released by the museum in honor of the 100th day in office of Harris and Biden. The clay heads took six weeks to be completely sculpted and the bodies will take four to six months. To begin the figures, a team of studio artists based in London went through hundreds of images to achieve the most realistic results. 

“We’re honored to create a figure for Vice President Harris and reflect this significant moment in U.S. history for guests inside Madame Tussauds New York,” said Brittany Williams, spokesperson for Madame Tussauds. The official account of the museum also celebrated the creation of Harris’ figure as an unprecedented event. 

David Burks, the principal sculptor told CNN that the team of artists was “keen to focus on her smile and the warmth in her eyes.” He added it’s important to capture Harrris’ twinkle in the eye because it reflects a “genuine warmth” essential to the figures.  

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The statues will wear the same outfits Harris and Biden used for their inauguration. Christopher John Rogers, the designer who made Harris’ coat and dress for the ceremony, will create a replica that will be installed once her figure is installed in the museum. The accessories she wore will be as well replicated to complete the look. 

The figure of Biden will wear a midnight blue suit by Ralph Lauren, which includes a lavender tie and white dress shirt, such as he used on his inauguration as 46th president of the US. 

Each wax figure will have a cost around $300,000. “It’s quite a price, but we’re… making them look as authentic as possible so the guests get the sense they could move at any minute or that they can put their arm around their heroes,” Burks said.

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