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The UK Report: Who is Carrie Johnson?




As some of you may (not) be aware, Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister recently got ‘’secretly’’ married to his now wife, Carrie Symonds (Johnson). But who is Mrs Johnson and how did the couple meet?


The pair were first pictured in the media back in early 2019.

Boris and Carrie got married at Westminster Cathedral on the 29th May of this year, with a low – key ceremony. Although the couple have apparently said that they will celebrate ‘properly’ with friends and family next year, of course delaying the celebrations because of Coronavirus.


Carrie is the first unmarried partner of a prime minister; however, it was not the first time that a baby has been born to a serving prime minister.


They welcomed their first child as a couple, with their boy Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas last year. Wilfred was named after both of their grandfathers, as well as a tribute to 2 doctors who treated and helped Boris when he was in hospital with coronavirus.

Wilfred is Carrie’s first child; however, Boris is said to have 7 children in total, no one being completely sure of what the actual number of children he has is.

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A bit more about Carrie’s background…

Carrie grew up in South – West London and joined as a member of the conservative party around 11years ago, and is a from a professional journalist background; her father being one of the founders of the Independent newspaper (Matthew Symonds), and her mother is a newspaper lawyer (Josephine McAffee).

She has worked for many jobs, joining the conservative party as a press officer 11 years ago as mentioned above, and then 2 years later she worked on her now – husband’s campaign to be re – elected mayor of London.

She also become head of the party’s communications, leaving in 2018 to work for Oceana, which is a project that works on protecting sea life. Many newspapers have credited and praised Carrie for convincing her husband, the prime minister, to oppose fox hunting too.


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