Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Lindsay Peoples Joins Black In Fashion Council To Gauge Equality In The Industry

In the wake of the current times of protesting racial injustices in the United States, Teen Vogue Editor-In-Chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner has joined Sandrine Charles to found the Black In Fashion Council to urge fashion industry leaders to do more than just issue statements and have basic “diversity & inclusion” initiatives. 

“The Black in Fashion Council was founded to represent and secure the advancement of Black individuals in the fashion and beauty industry. As a collective, we envision a world in which Black people in fashion and beauty spaces can be open and honest, guaranteed equal rights, and be celebrated for our voices. While we are working on our end, we encourage people in the industry to rise to the occasion to sustain long term change”, stated a press release. 

The council is set to also produce “a digital directory of Black fashion and beauty professionals that brands can purchase to assist with diversifying their staffs.”

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