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Ralph Lauren Apologizes for using Phi Beta Sigma’s Greek Letters On A Pair Of Pants

Legendary brand is issuing a hug apology to the black fraternity of Phi Beta Sigma after receiving major backlash. The brand used the fraternity’s greek letters on a pair of the brand’s pants. 

A petition was created earlier this month demanding that the brand “do the right thing and recall, destroy and publicly apologize for trying to capitalize off of black culture”. 

The petition also states, “We don’t know who thought this was a good idea, but they need to fix it quick”. 

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A spokeswoman of Ralph Lauren released a statement shortly after the petition was released saying, “As an American brand with more than 50 years of heritage, Ralph Lauren is inspired by many facets of American culture. As part of this, we are firmly committed to respectful and appropriate use of all cultural icons and insignias”. 

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