Netflix Adds Nostalgic Black Sitcoms To The Line Up

Netflix has acquired the streaming rights of seven classic Black sitcoms including: Moesha, Sister Sister, The Game, Girlfriends, The Parkers, Half &Half, and One on One. Moesha officially will be available on August 1st while The Game will be available on August 15th. 

Netflix reported that they saw a great increase in viewership with their Black Lives Matter content, and we’re sure this new content will generate the same or maybe more.

“These classics have been at the top of our members’ wishlists and ours’ for a long time and we constantly see these shows named checked in our conversations with them. These shows made us laugh, and cry, and sing along with those catchy theme songs. And most importantly , we felt like we saw ourselves on screen- in some cases for the very first time. Every week we were able to tune in to see people, families, and friends that looked like us and characters whose everyday ups and downs reflected Black life in an authentic way”, stated Bradley Edwards (Netflix Content Acquisition manager) and Jasmyn Lawson (String Black Lead manager). 

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