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LSU Names Its First Black President




Louisiana State University elects its first black president in 161 years since its founding in 1860.

On Last Thur. May 6, Dr.William Tate was voted by 15-0 by the LSU Board of supervisors to be the university’s next president.

Tate has a well-established career in education and leadership. Tate prior was a provost and held Executive vice president of academic affairs at the University of South Carolina.

He holds the USC Education foundation distinguished Professorship decorated with appointments in Sociology and family Preventive Medicine.

At Washington University, Tate served as a dean and vice provost for graduate education. Tate completed his second post-doctoral training program in the department of psychiatry in Epidemiology and Prevention.

Tate will be replacing former LSU president Tom Galligan who served as LSU president since Jan. 2020

Tate is eager to enter his new role and be of help to his new LSU family.

“What I’m really most excited about is I met students here who really are amazing, and for me, this position is all about what we can do to help students and give people access and opportunity in higher education,” Tate said. “That’s really in my DNA. How do we help people regardless of their background – we find the money, get you here and give you the opportunity to live your dream. I think there is no better place in the United States to come find your dream and to make it happen than right here at LSU.”


LSU has not had an easy time in the media after an investigation on sexual misconduct. The investigation found a failure on the part of leadership on campus and resources provided to victims.

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LSU has spent a massive amount of funds on their football team, but leaders have ignored years of warnings about not having proper channels to handle sexual misconduct complaints.

Former Head Football Coach Les Miles was allegedly sexually harassing students, revealed by Husch Blackwell law firm.

The report is 150 pages long, including 100 additional pages of exhibits extra damning indictments of LSU’s many failures in protecting its students.

In response to these allegations and evidence, LSU isolated the Title 9 office from the LSU general office for more accurate record-keeping and better channels for reporting.

LSU Board chairman called it a widespread, systemic failure that made it difficult to pinpoint blame on a specific person

“We clearly had a failure of leadership and a failure of resources,” Dampf said

Despite all LSU legal troubles, let’s put in perspective Dr. Nate’s accomplishment.

The Board picked Nate over 23 candidates and 3 finalists. LSU admitted its first African American student A.P Tureaud Jr. in the early 50s. Meaning, LSU selects its first African American president 71 years later.

African Americans account for about 32% of the state of Louisiana and about 12% of LSU. Nate will take on the full responsibility of his elected position on July 2.

We wish Nate the best for his accomplishment and his new role. Hopefully, LSU President-elect Nate can turn the public reputation of LSU around.

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