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Love Islanders react to England Euro loss




On Sunday 11th July, the England football team were in the Euro finals, making it an important night for many. Unfortunately, though, the result was in favour of rival team, Italy, making it a devastating moment across England.

The finals were being watched throughout pubs, houses, outdoor events, and even the Love Island villa.

Despite normally being cut off from the outside world, this year the producers of Love Island allowed the Love Island contestants the privilege of watching the game.

Love Island host, Laura Whitmore, revealed on the spin – off show After Sun, that the islanders would watch the game, showing viewers at home clips of when they first found out the exciting news.

Chloe announced the news to her fellow islanders after she received a text; the text read ‘’Islanders, tonight you will be able to watch the England football team play Italy in the final of the European Championship! #ItsComingHome”


Of course, in true Love Island style, there was no better reaction then to jump into the pool – or at least to Jake and Toby – who seemed to be especially excited.

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Watching the footage of the contestants watching the football match, it was clear to see how frustrated they were too, with Brad shouting ‘’what a f***ing idiot’’over the missed penalties, along with some of the other boys not being able to watch the screen.


One of the girls from the show, Liberty, spoke to Laura about how the atmosphere was in the villa whilst the football was on, “The guys are gutted, all the girls are like: ‘What’s going on?’ but the guys are gutted.

“Everyone couldn’t believe it; we were all there watching it thinking we had a chance. Jack Grealish should have been on penalties I think.”

Liberty did go on to explain how overall it was nice to watch, and football lover Jake was chanting all the way through it.

Although England didn’t get the winning spot like we wanted or they deserved, this summer they have bought the whole country together and should be proud regardless. After the Denmark game, the team and the country were in high spirits but it just wasn’t meant to be. Bring on the World Cup!


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